Kikio Stormeyes

Sorcerer with the Air Bloodline


Kikio is of Varisian descent. Living in the town of Magnimar with her parents, the only thing that marked her different from her peers was pink hair and star like birthmark between her shoulder blades.

As she neared adolescence it became clear that Kikio had a talent for sorcery, especially that which dealt with storms. She moved from jolting her playmates with static shocks to being able to unleash lightning bolts powerful enough to blow up vases. Whenever she discharges her electrical powers her normally blue eyes flash like a lightning storm.

Finding her parents slain in her house one day, Kikio has followed the only clue she could find… A note scribbled with the name of an inn, the Rusty Dragon, which she discovered was in the town of Sandpoint to the north.

Taking what she could she traveled to the town, to find that it was in the midst of celebrating the Swallowtail festival.


Kikio Stormeyes

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